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Common Sense for the Common Good

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will join us at our next meeting or event-all are welcome! The Norwalk Republican Town Committee is here to provide an open and welcoming environment to collectively work towards a smarter tomorrow. The Republican Town Committee (“RTC”) is elected every 2 years by nearly 10,000 Norwalk registered Republicans. Our mission is to promote Republican ideals and improve the governance of the City of Norwalk and the state of Connecticut.

We believe the City of Norwalk should be governed for the benefit of all our citizens. We thrive to help Norwalk achieve its limitless potential as a richly diverse community. We are committed to promoting policies that will benefit our Norwalk communities and represent the values and vision of our constituents. As Connecticut’s 6th largest city, Norwalk’s success is pivotal to our state and we must ensure that Norwalk receives the necessary support from the State to educate our children and help our most vulnerable residents.

To support this platform, the RTC recruits and supports qualified Republican candidates for local boards, commissions, and elected offices. We hope you will join us and our vision for Common Sense for the Greater Good.