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How to fight drugs in our schools

There has been a recent spike in drug use in our high schools.  Politicians are often asked, “How do you stop kids from doing drugs? ”

Here’s a suggestion:

Tell your kids every day how much you love them.  Tell them that they were a gift from God. Tell your kids that God gave them talents they don’t even know they have.. Tell them that using drugs eats away at their brain. Eats away at their soul.  Tell them drugs slowly destroy the wonderful body God gave you. Tell your kids that they live in the greatest country in the history of the world with more freedoms and opportunities than anyone else.. Let them know that there are so many wonderful things in the world to discover and experience..  Art. History. Nature.  Sports. Music. Science. Dance. Literature. Theater. Who knows how great they could be at any one of those.  Why let drugs steal the talents given to you by God?  Tell your kids  – as an American -you won life’s lottery.  And that their freedoms and opportunities are endless. ..


You can be like Democrats and tell your kids that they live in a racist, hateful country, founded by racist white men.   You can tell them that their success or failure is determined by the color of your skin.  If your whilte – you’re a hateful, privileged, supremacist and if you’re a person of color you are doomed to a life of failure who can’t even figure out how to get a photo ID to vote.   .  And besides, what difference does it make anyway because you’re all going to be dead of climate change in 10 years.   Oh yeah…and don’t do drugs. .

And folks – here’s where you come in.  You can elect people who support your position that kids are a gift from God  and that they live in the greatest country on Earth – Or,  you can pick the other option and vote for the Democrat. .

On November 8th  – You have a choice. Choose wisely.

Martin Taglifero

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