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Lipstick Salesman Opinion by: Martin Taglifero

We’ve all heard the term, “putting lipstick on a pig”.  The attempt by marketing agents and politicians to try to make a horrible product or piece of legislation look better than it is.  But eventually the lipstick fades and the buyer is left with nothing but a pig.


This election, more than others, has Democrats painting every pig-of-a-policy they own with oceans of lipstick.


Every single Democrat policy or program has failed. The result?



High gas prices

Even higher home heating oil prices

An Increase in violent crime

The foolishness of cashless bail

The ignorance of defund the police

The retreat from Border Security

A flood of Illegal Immigration

The expanding drug epidemic

The dictating of Mask Mandates

The destructive results of school shut downs

The choking of the Supply Chain

The humiliation of Afghanistan

The resulting instability around the world


So what do Democrats want to talk about?     January 6th, climate change and abortion.


Rather than simply admit they were wrong and change direction … they’re now on the campaign trail trying to sell you a different shade of lipstick.


Voters – Don’t buy it.  Vote Republican.

By: Martin Taglifero

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