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Fighting drug use and suicide attempts in our schools-Article shared by Martin Tagliaferro

Fighting drug use and suicide attempts in our schools.
While there are no guarantees, here’s a suggestion to help keep our kids off drugs and fight the horrible increase in teen age suicide attempts being reported.
Tell your kids every day how much you love them.  Tell them they were a gift from God.  Tell them God gave them talents they don’t even know they have.  Tell them there are so many wonderful things in the world to learn and discover.  Art. Music. Theater. Sports. History. Science. Physics. Astronomy. Astrology. Oceanography. Medicine. Literature. Nature. So many wonderful things to discover and enjoy and that doing drugs eats away at your brain.  It eats away at your muscles.. It eats away at your soul. It steals your gifts and destroys your body.  And to lose those the wonderful things that God gave you would be a sin.
Tell them they live in the greatest country on earth. Founded by some of the greatest men in the history of the word.  Defended by some of the greatest men and women who ever lived.  Let then know they won life’s lottery.  They are American citizens and because of that –  they have more freedom and more opportunities than anyone else in the world. Why lose all that by doing drugs?
…you can tell them their country sucks.  It was founded by white, slave-holding racists. That if you were born with white skin you will always be considered an evil, white supremacist.  And if you’re a person of color, you can never succeed and will always be a victim. Why heck, you’re not even capable of getting an ID to vote. And besides, you’re all going to die in ten years because of climate change.  Oh yeah…and don’t do drugs.
But it doesn’t end there.
You can vote for people who will publicly support your positions. You can vote for those who reinforce your message to your kids.  You can vote for those who remind your kids that they were a gift from God and that we live in the greatest country in the world…. .or you can vote for the other guys and the other message.
Up to you.  Choose wisely.
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