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Norwalk’s density is by Rilling’s design-written by Martin Tagliaferro

Norwalk’s density is by Rilling’s design

A truly amazing meeting last night (Wednesday June 21st) with the Norwalk Zoning Board to discuss the upcoming revisions to the City’s Zoning Regulations.

As you may be aware (I’m assuming most Norwalkers aren’t) the City is planning a revision to the City Zoning maps with the intention of consolidating the number of zones and to, “increase the number of affordable housing units.”  The main way to do this (apparently) is to allow more apartments to be constructed, more development on available parcels and allowing 2-family housing in areas currently zoned as single-family-only parcels.

After a short presentation by the Board… Mayor Rilling spoke first and declared that – the Board should take their time and consider the input from the community. All cheered this public announcement. But I would ask, “That’s what he said publicly. What has he said privately to the Board?”

Population growth in Norwalk has greatly expanded since Mayor Rilling has been in office.  Many new apartment buildings have been built creating more density, more traffic, more street parking, an overburdened sewer system, over-crowded schools, and excess expectations from our power grid, police, rescue and fire departments. But now – just before an election (surprise!) – the Mayor publicly states to the Zoning Board to “take its time making these decisions.” Wow.

Folks – Norwalk is changing  per the design of the Mayor – to create more and more apartments. more development and greater population density in virtually all neighborhoods.  Why? Because he can.  If you want to keep Norwalk – Norwalk – instead of becoming Bridgeport – please pay attention and get involved.  The neighborhood you save may be your own.

Martin Tagliaferro

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