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SEEC Awards $3 million in CEP Grants (shared by John Miller)

SEEC Awards $3 million in CEP Grants



Connecticut Inside Investigator

SEEC Awards $3 million in CEP Grants

by Katherine RevelloJune 26, 2024

The State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) has approved Citizens’ Election Program (CEP) grants for 44 state representative and state senate candidates running in the August 14 primary and November 5 general election. The commission voted to approve grants to eligible candidates at three meetings held throughout June.

The SEEC previously approved CEP grants for 12 General Assembly candidates, bringing the total number of state candidates eligible to receive public funding this election cycle to 60. They are eligible to receive grants worth up to just over $3 million dollars.

State representative candidates are eligible to receive up to $36,500, the amount available for a full election grant. State senate candidates are eligible to receive up to $124,100, the amount available for a full election grant. Candidates can also receive primary grants, worth $51,100 for senatorial candidates and $14,600 for representatives, but the total candidates receive in primary grants is deducted from the maximum general election grant a candidate is eligible to receive.

Candidates who apply for grants after August 26 will receive a reduced grant. The amount a candidate receives also depends on whether they are running opposed.

Ten candidates approved to receive CEP grants are running in party-dominant districts, where the disparity between registered members of political parties favors one party by at least 20 percent. Brandon Chafee (D-33), Jane Garibay,(D-60), (Elizabeth Main, D-146), Lenworth Walker (D-146), Steve Winter (D-94), Christopher Rosario (D-128), Cristin Mccarthy Vahey (D-133), and Kate Farrar (D-29) are running in party-dominant state representative districts. Saud Anwar (D-3) and Douglas McCrory (D-2) are running in party-dominant state senate districts. All of Connecticut’s party-dominant districts, which are identified by the Secretary of State’s office, favor Democrats.

General Assembly candidates running in party-dominant districts are eligible to receive a larger grant during the primary: $109,500 for state senate candidates and $36,500 for state senate candidates.

Candidates running in the primary have until August 12 to file an affidavit to announce their intention to abide by CEP rules and seek public funding. Candidates running only in the general election have until September 26 to file an affidavit. Primary candidates who do not participate are not eligible to receive CEP grants during the general election.

Candidates Who Have Received CEP Grants to Date:

State Representative

Jason Buchsbaum (R-69)

Holly Cheeseman (R-37)

Lucy Dathan (D-142)

Anne Hughes (D-135)

Sarah Keitt (D-134)

Renee LaPalme-Waldron (D-51)

Joe Polletta (R-68)

Mitch Bolinsky, (R-106)

Brandon Chafee (D-33)

Jennifer Dzen (R-57)

Jane Garibay (D-60)

Kenneth Gucker (D-138)

Rebbeca Martinez (D-22)

Mary Renee LaMark Muir (D-36)

Christopher Poulos (D-81)

Elizabeth Main (D-146)

John Santanella (D-58)

Lenworth Walker (R-60)

Steve Winter-(D-94)

Amy Morrin Bello (D-28)

Christie Carpino (R-32)

Jay Case (R-63)

Katherine Courpas (R-149)

Laura Dancho (R-120)

Edward Edelson (D-69)

Nicholas Gauthier (D-38)

Ray Ingraham (R-102)

Melissa Osborne (D-16)

Cara Pavalock-D’Amato (R-77)

Karen Reddington-Hughes (R-66)

Christopher Rosario (D-128)

Kevin Ryan (D-139)

Farley Santos (D-109)

Cristin McCarthy Vahey (D-133)

Tami Zawistowski (R-61)

Mark Anderson (R-62)

Kate Farrar (D-20)

Robert Hendrickson (R-58)

Maria Horn (D-64)

Steven King (D-14)

Jennifer Leeper (D-132)

David Rutigliano (R-123)

Tony Scott (R-112)

Gary Turco (D-27)

Stephen Weir (R-55)

State Senate

Eric Berthel (R-32)

Catherine Osten (D-19)

Justin Potter (D-30)

Michelle Coelho (R-24)

Rob Sampson (R-16)

Ayana Taylor (D-2)

Paul Honig (D-8)

Martha Marx (D-20)

Cecilia Maher (D-26)

Heather Somers (R-18)

Saud Anwar (D-3)

Douglas McCrory (D-2)

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