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The NRTC Serves to support responsible and effective, common-sense government,

standing for the values of individual liberty. Working in partnership with the

community, the NRTC advocates for positive change and progress through

transparency, integrity, fiscal responsibility, and accountability.


 An unwavering commitment to cultivate effective and responsible leadership in

the present, while nurturing the development of future generations of

responsible leaders.

 Firmly standing for and upholding individual liberties, fostering partnerships,

and championing truth in all our endeavors

 Creating a community of leaders who are capable, compassionate, visionary,

and dedicated to the betterment of all Norwalk residents.

 Prioritizing open communication and collaboration with Norwalk residents.

Educating the public, listening to diverse perspectives, engaging in meaningful

dialogue, and working together toward common goals and common-sense


By valuing the input and insights of our community members, we ensure that our

initiatives are inclusive, relevant, and impactful. As advocates for positive change and

progress, we recognize the power of unity and collective action. Through our

commitment to transparency, integrity, and accountability, we strive to build trust and

foster a culture of mutual respect, understanding and partnership. By standing

shoulder to shoulder with you as our partner, we aim to create a brighter and more

promising future for you, our City and our State.

At the Norwalk Republican Town Committee (RTC), we proudly represent the 10,000 registered Republicans of Norwalk with a renewed vigor and dedication. Under new leadership and bolstered by updated By-Laws, our committee is infused with fresh energy, enhanced outreach efforts, and a growing membership, all contributing to an exciting new momentum.

In the past few months, we have:

  • Sponsored a Rally outside City Hall prior to the P & Z Hearing regarding up zoning in the City of Norwalk and challenged the proposed items, while raising awareness as to how the changes could negatively impact Norwalk’s neighborhoods. We said NO to heightened aggressive density as well as changing single family zoning to multi families.
  • Members spoke out regarding the redistricting of the Norwalk Common Council Ordinance Committee encouraging minority representation and bipartisan collaboration to represent the 45% of voters who supported change at the top level in the November 2023 municipal election.
  • Invited the Log Cabin (LGBTQ+) Republican organization to speak to us.
  • Held many well attended fundraisers and events to outreach within the community and network within the Hispanic community as well as the business community.

We continue to strongly support policies that we believe will make Norwalk a better place:

Keep our property taxes low. Property taxes are linked to real estate values and not personal incomes – we must pay them even if we lose our jobs, retire or live on fixed incomes. To ensure low property taxes, city government needs to be efficient & transparent; spending needs to be strictly controlled and our prestigious Triple AAA bond ratings need to be preserved. The one-time COVID federal funds we are receiving should be used for one-time fiscal purposes – otherwise, we will create a fiscal cliff when the funds go away.

Keep us safe. We do not want to worry about our homes being broken into, our cars stolen, or encountering violence on the streets. Fortunately, the Norwalk Police Department (NPD) is there to keep us safe. For almost 25 years, NPD has received the national gold standard in public safety – accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). While no police force is perfect, NPD’s commitment to community outreach and continuous improvement is unmatched. That is why we reject importing solutions to problems that exist elsewhere in America, but which have little to do with Norwalk. Instead of being defunded, the NPD needs to be fully funded.

Enhance our small-town feeling.  As a collection of neighborhoods, Norwalk has that small-town feel – we are unique and emphatically not a metropolis. If you think Norwalk is being overdeveloped, we agree. We would like to see greater selectivity around new construction projects. To protect our small-town feel, our zoning code needs updating consistently with that. Overcrowded, unsafe residential occupancies need increased zoning enforcement. We need to expand our parklands, create attractive cityscapes, restore Wall Street as a vibrant town center, promote outdoor restaurant dining, and enhance outdoor walkability.

Expand educational choices for our kids. We would like parents to choose Norwalk public schools for their kids. One proven way is to offer more choices. Our magnet and charter schools such as Columbus, Side-by-Side, Center for Global Studies, and PTech are very popular. So is allowing kids to attend Norwalk schools out-of-district. We support the neighborhood school in South Norwalk. We support offering different curriculums and instructional methods. The more options – the better. We want BOE members that will effectively prioritize spending at NPS and ensure that students and teachers have the necessary funding.

If you are interested in learning more, attend our next meeting.

Just drop in to the American Legion  (date listed on our website), we also provide a virtual option for those that cannot attend in person but want to be involved. You can fill out our contact form or email our corresponding secretary Diana, at

We look forward to hearing from you! Don’t forget to opt in to our text messaging as well. You’ll also get weekly emails outlining upcoming events, city government meetings with important issues/topics and information on upcoming mixers and networking events. Our meetings are always posted on the homepage. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Fred Wilms is the RTC Chair. Previously he represented Norwalk in the Connecticut State Legislature.