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Connecticut needs Republican leadership

By Carl Dickens Every now and then Democrats and Republicans agree, it should be noted. When Norwalk Democratic Party Chair Eloisa Melendez wrote, “Norwalk and Connecticut’s future require thoughtful leadership as we look to invest in and improve our local economy,…

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Voting in Norwalk

Norwalk Voter Registration and Polling Place Look-Up You can use Norwalk's online database to look up the voting location for your residence in one of two ways. The first way is by Name. You must enter data about yourself: Last Name, First Initial,…

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Absentee Ballots

[Updated: September 1, 2020] In July, the legislature passed a bill, now law, making all residents eligible to vote by absentee ballot (AB) in the November general election citing concern over COVID-19 as their reason. All you need to do is…

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