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Fred Wilms – Chairman

Tricia Massucco – Vice-Chair

Diana Paladino Christopher – Corr Secretary

Lisa Pisano Henderson– Rec Secretary

Cathy Cenatiempo – Treasurer

Rich Bonenfant – District A Chair

John Tobin  – District A Vice Chair

Enrique Santiago – District B Chair

Tony Lopez – District B Vice Chair

(Haga clic aquí para aprender sobre nosotros en español/Hablo español y me encantaría que te unieras a nosotros)

Dona Menton – District C Chair

Brian Clarke Jr – District C Vice Chair

Doug Hempstead – District D Chair

Greg Helms– District D Vice Chair

Peter Bondi –  District E Chair

Ron Paladino – District E Vice Chair

Whether you are looking to volunteer on a campaign, become an RTC member, or serve on a board or commission, please contact Fred Wilms – Chairman