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I have been very active within Norwalk for decades and have been proud to raise my family here. I have volunteered and continue to volunteer within the Norwalk community. I have successfully sponsored The Norwalk Oyster Festival which is a pivotal fundraiser for nonprofits in the area, including the Norwalk Seaport Association. I also serve as a member of the Saint Ann’s Club of Norwalk and have previously held the position of President. I am a current member of the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce as a proud East Norwalk local business owner in Norwalk for over 40 years and I recognize the challenges that small business owners face. I believe that if small businesses succeed in our city then Norwalk succeeds as a whole. I believe the Norwalk Harbor acts as the gate to this incredible and diverse city and I cherish its historic beauty and function.

Norwalkers for Norwalk will focus on smart growth and development, infrastructure, fiscal responsibility and funding for our education system that maximizes the benefits for its students from cradle to career. A child’s education is the best investment that a community can invest in. The investments need to be smart and address priority needs within schools both academically and beyond. Schools need to address overcrowding and both teachers and parents need to have a voice. I will listen to the concerns of all stakeholders and help bridge the gap between elected officials and city hall. As elected officials and city employees, we will work for YOU.

In order to make a difference and succeed in my mayoral campaign, Norwalkers for Norwalk will rely on the support of donations from individuals as well as the support from our business community. I would be grateful if you place your trust and belief in me. I have what it takes to lead us in a positive direction. I love Norwalk and I want to be a mayor for the people. I will represent families, business owners, young professionals just starting out and our seniors so that we can all confidently enjoy our investment here in Norwalk for many years to come. I support our teachers and law enforcement and commend them for their tireless work in our community. Solutions with results is what Norwalk needs and I will lead us into a new chapter moving forward by the growth of our people and neighborhoods. Norwalkers come first. I want to be supported by moms, dads, grandparents, students and anyone who calls Norwalk home.

Be part of the change and the movement. Norwalk can and will do better and we deserve the best. The time is now. Change is needed and great things are within our reach with a sensible approach.