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John Cardamone likes to refer to himself as a “street pastor” because his ears, heart and spirit are always open to the community. He is a banker at Fairfield County Bank.

He is a Norwalk native with a caring spirit. Rev. Cardamone is the dedicated pastor for 10 years at the Calvin Reformed Church in Norwalk.

He has participated in several missions and one is to inspire youth to regain their faith and develop partnerships with local faith-based ministries.

Cardamone has worked to take his small church from just 25-30 parishioners and expand with outreach to the Norwalk community as a whole. John is active in local politics and standing up for what is right and supporting efforts to ensure that all have equitable opportunity in Norwalk.

Rev. Cardamone has worked hard with his vision to have the church not just be Hungarian parishioners but become a multi-ethnic church. The group now is very loving and like family and they reach out to all and welcome all.

Cardamone graduated from Norwalk High School in 1976 and attended Norwalk Community College before he graduated from Florida Bible College in 1982.

Cardamon’s roots run deep in Norwalk, “My mother was born on Lexington Avenue in 1931 and when my family and I moved back to Norwalk, we bought her house, which is where I grew up,” . “There are good, hard working people in that area.”

Rev Cardamone works hard to make a positive difference and would love to represent Norwalk as City Treasurer.