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John Levin comes with an impressive resume and a fabulous sense of humor. John is a Veteran: 3 years active duty, US Marine Corps, 1976-79. With honorable discharge at rank of Corporal. John lived in California for some time and then settled in Norwalk for it’s diverse and melting pot of neighborhoods. He and his wife, Diane purchased their home in 1991.  John is running because he is passionate about his community. He strongly feels that unbalanced single party control eventually brings disaster.  John wants a seat at the table to learn and produce answers as to what happens in City Hall and understand the process and policy.  John is a graduate of Yale University receiving a Bachelors in Economics and Mathematics and a Masters at Stanford University in Finance. As a result he is passionate about Education.

He is dedicated to serve and would do his very best to represent the people of Norwalk.  John understands that if done properly and diligently, Common Council is a hard job and a serious time commitment.  John stresses that he has done hard jobs and kept to his commitments. His experience as a financial analyst, corporate advisor and investor has served me well in unraveling complex situations and ferreting out bunk. These skills should be useful.

The number one issue that John seeks to pursue is improving transparency in Norwalk. In his view, everything flows from transparency – Norwalk’s government is complex, but how it operates, how resources are allocated, who is doing what, and why, all at a sufficiently detailed level – this is information that should be broadly available to our town’s residents, taxpayers, workers, and officials – we need to know, and deserve to know, exactly what kind of job is being done on our behalf.

John cites that he has no experience in politics, but will always ensure his personal values are reflected in decisions with: honesty and integrity. Always! John is indecisive on the proper name for his campaign but so far, the one that stands out the most is Levin Will Shave It If He Wins!

Although, his profile photo on the website does not reflect, during Covid, Levin decided to not shave his beard. He dyed it blue and added some beads. It is colorful and brings a smile just like John. Remember, never judge a book by it’s cover. John is one of the kindest, smartest and communicative individuals you’ll ever meet. He will represent Norwalk well.