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As a lifelong resident of Norwalk, Kathryn Martino loves her Norwalk community. She spent many years in the corporate sector and  enjoys great success as a realtor focusing on the Fairfield County area. Kathryn is dedicated to her work in both fields and enjoys showing clients all that Norwalk and it’s surrounding communities have to offer. She has 16-years invested in her real estate career and over 20 years as a marketing executive at a local entertainment and telecommunications companies. Kathryn enjoys her family that also lives local and she is definitely the cool aunt to her niece and nephew! Kathryn enjoys traveling but when she is not taking a vacation with palm trees and sunshine, she equally enjoys all the wonderful spots Norwalk has to offer. She stays active in city government and has been on the ballot as Selectman for decades now. Kathryn enjoys people and appreciates great conversation about how residents can be active and make a difference. She supports people who wish to reach across party lines and do great things with careful consideration for Norwalk residents.