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Luis Estrella is the Founder and Executive Director of Cleaner Connecticut Coalition a Non-profit organization whose Mission is to Restore, Maintain, or Develop public land for recreational or aesthetic purposes.

He is a conservation and environmental advocate who has a passion for community service. He proactively partners with local non-profits and Municipalities to efficiently accomplish mutual goals. Additionally helping private citizens with community initiatives and enhancing local programming. He is very active within the Hispanic community in Norwalk and he is becoming a part time regular on La Voz De Hispana in New Haven discussing policy and other issues that effect Norwalk.

Luis Estrella has lived in Norwalk 20+ years. His goals are to prioritize improvements to our schools, walkability, bike lanes, and open spaces. Most importantly he would like to be a voice and a helping hand for all residents. Luis has three wonderful children with his wife and his kids are fast approaching school age.