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Rasheemah Richardson has been a Norwalk resident for 7 years.  She is an advocate for education reform and believes with the right leadership the Norwalk School District can accomplish so much more.  She is running for the BOE because she is a working mom, who has a child that has been homeschooled from birth.  She chose this route of homeschooling because at the time, she wanted to provide the best education for her son and felt it could be best accomplished by her family taking care of his educational needs.  The years that she and her husband have learned the educational process and academic programs that came with the home school journey has not been an easy one.  She knows first hand how frustrating it can be when trying to get through to kids with different personalities and home life situations.  Rasheemah believes public education needs to get back to academic fundamentals. Public education also has to make learning a fun and exciting and challenge for children and to make them want to do better and to know how it feels to work hard towards a goal and complete it with pride and joy – that only comes with great achievement.