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Read grew up in East Norwalk and attended Norwalk Public Schools, and to this day has lived in the home he grew up in 66 years ago.
After high school, Read served in the Navy during Vietnam, after which he joined the Carpenters Union. As an active member of the Norwalk community, Read has many accomplishments. Read has served 43 years proudly with the Norwalk Fire Department as Captain, holds a Commercial Real Estate Brokers license in CT and NY, is a Norwalk Chamber of Commerce Ambassador, is on the board for the Marvin Beach Association, a member of the Catholic Club, a member and former board member of the Norwalk Shore and Country Club, served on the board of the East Norwalk Improvement Association and a member of the South Norwalk Boat Club. Additionally, Read is elected Treasurer for the Third Taxing District and greatly enjoys the opportunity to serve.
He is most recently the proud grandfather to Christopher and will work hard to ensure a bright future for Norwalk if elected to the common council.