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Richard Bonenfant is a self-employed photographer and lifelong resident. You can find Rich at many different events throughout the Norwalk community snapping incredible photography of our great city and the people in them.  Rich served seven terms on the Common Council representing a city he proudly calls home. Rich is dedicated to the Norwalk community and enjoys volunteering and meeting people. A conversation with Rich Bonenfant is like talking to an old friend. He is warm, kind, and truly genuine. Rich is former Chairman of the Human Relations Commission and member of the Norwalk Exchange Club, Sons of the American Legion, Norwalk Seaport Association, South Norwalk Boat Club, and Knights of Columbus. Rich lives in Norwalk with his wife Maureen and they have three children in their 30’s living in Norwalk who graduated from Norwalk public schools. Rich enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and attending city meetings speaking up for proposed zoning changes, charter revision and more. Rich is truly dedicated to Norwalk and spends his time speaking out at city meetings and talking issues and concerns. He is seasoned and very well qualified to serve on the council. Rich is one of the nicest locals you will ever meet and is committed in everything that he does.