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As your state representative, I’ve focused my energies on tax policy, mental & behavioral health issues, special education and the environment & preservation of our open space. The decisions I make, as your elected legislator, spring from both my diverse experience in the business, non-profit and community advocacy sectors, as well as from a good bit of common sense.  I’m innately curious, a good listener, and excel at bringing good people together to solve tough problems.  And, I enjoy the challenge.





Terrie Wood, CT State Representative for the 141st District, and Eva Maldonado running for the 27th state senate district.

We Work Together

I am so grateful the women by my side are running for office in Connecticut this year. 

I’d like to acknowledge them, and the hundreds of other women running for office around the country, for putting their best selves forward during the election.

Terrie and Eva are just two of the great women in our area running for state seats. I know they will bring the same ideals as me to Hartford when they are elected.

We’ve talked many times over the past few months and we all value the same things:

  • Local control within our communities
  • High quality education
  • Government accountability
  • Smaller government in size and scope
  • Supporting our police
  • Affordability
  • Small business support

Working together we can turn our state around and make it a stronger, safer, more affordable place to live.

We are all tired of the 40+ years of partisan rule in Hartford that comes with zero accountability and transparency. We are extremely frustrated with the reckless fiscal spending by our leaders. We are SO over the talks of school regionalization, which will be a huge detriment to our children.

It’s time for change and we hope you will join us in bringing it to Hartford.